The Forward Janesville Goodwill Ambassadors



The Forward Janesville Goodwill Ambassadors, our "Ambassadors of Optimism," definitely see the glass as half full! 

The Goodwill Ambassadors are the friendly folks in the red apparel that you'll see at Forward Janesville ribbon cuttings, grand openings, Business After Fives, and all other special events.  Each Forward Janesville member is assigned a Goodwill Ambassador who keep up-to-date on events and other pertinent information and who visits at least once a year during our annual “Membership Matters” campaign.

Interested in becoming a Goodwill Ambassador? Click here to inquire about the important role you can play in the business community!

Goodwill Ambassador Action Committee: Patty Hernandez, Terri Moldenhauer, Jen DeGarmo, Verna Saladino, Lisa Hurda, Jessica Locher, Dennis Condon

2017 FJI Goodwill Ambassadors