Business After Five [BA5] with host MAKING DREAMS Realty

Apr 13 2023


 Business After Five [BA5] with host MAKING DREAMS Realty
Thursday, April 13 | 1701 Holiday Drive |  5-7 pm
Admission: $5 members & $10 non-members
(2) drink tickets and appetizers are included for the evening. 
Pre-registration is not required. 

MDR is a team apiring way to propvide inspirational and life-giving experience to help you achieve real estate and home design dreams that bring beauty, joy and comfort to the place you call home. 

Founded by Kevin & Renee Clark in 2015, MAKING DREAMS Realty began out of a passion to help people in a holistic manner. "We don't want to just help people buy or sell homes, we truly wanted to support people in achieving their dreams," states Kevin. "It has always been our hope that by helping individuals create healthy homes, incorporate smart financial strategies, and set worthy goals, people would have the opportunity to enjoy ife's greatest adventures," claims Renee. 

We believe a healthy home is at the core and we want you to LOVE going home. We can't wait to partner with you on your new adventure.