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Picture of Dona Hohensee

Dona Hohensee, SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital, Janesville

Picture of Amanda Gittens

Amanda Gittens, Janesville Performing Arts Center

FJI has over 500 member business partners and 100 + active volunteers.

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Picture of Harv Linse

Harv Linse, CardConnect

Picture of Brittany Brandt

Brittany Brandt, MAKING DREAMS Realty

Picture of Terri Moldenhauer

Terri Moldenhauer, Hagen CPA

Picture of Jessica Locher

Jessica Locher, ECHO, Inc.

Picture of Lori Johnson

Lori Johnson, Janesville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

Picture of Denise Webb

Denise Webb, Hagen CPA, LLC

Picture of Claudine Manor

Claudine Manor, HealthNet of Rock County

Picture of Mary Wallisch

Mary Wallisch, Johnson Financial Group

Together Moving Janesville Forward

We know thriving businesses and communities don't happen without hard work. Every day we deploy our team, ideas and resources to help our members and community become stronger, together. Become a member and experience the Forward Janesville Growth Wheel.

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Our Value Statement

Community champions deploying our team, ideas, and resources to help our members and community become stronger, together. 

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