Business After Five [BA5] with host Oak Park Place

Jul 14 2022

Business After Five [BA5]
Host:  Oak Park Place
Location:  700 Myrtle Way
Time:  5-7 PM
Admission:  $5 members | $10 non-members & includes 2 drink tickets and appetizers

Reservations are not required.

About our host:

Family-centered leadership with GIFTS for all
Oak Park Place started with the vision of founder and CEO, Scott Frank. “My goal was to build a company with a commitment to providing the level of services and care I would want my own family to receive.”

From that vision of the company’s inception in 2006 has grown a family of senior communities with locations throughout Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. Members of the Frank family, together with a close-knit, highly experienced management team, have always been at the heart of the Oak Park Place story.

Most importantly, the Oak Park Place mission— to share our gifts every day—means our focus is on every employee, resident and family member, delivering the best we have to give. From one-on-one attention to creating ongoing opportunities for advancement, fulfillment, and enrichment for each and every individual, our company is founded on family.