Business After Five [BA5] with host SHINE Technologies

Aug 11 2022


Business After Five [BA5]
Host:  SHINE Medical Technologies
Location: TBD
Time:  5-7 PM
Admission:  $5 members | $10 non-members & includes 2 drink tickets and appetizers

Reservations are not required.

About our host:

SHINE was founded in 2010 by Greg Piefer and is working to become the world’s leading producer of medical isotopes.

The isotope production facility that SHINE is building in Janesville, Wisconsin, will use a patented, proprietary manufacturing process to produce medical isotopes such as molybdenum-99 (Mo-99), the essential component in medical imaging procedures used to diagnose heart disease and other conditions, and to stage cancer.

The SHINE technology offers major advantages over other production technologies because it does not require a nuclear reactor, uses less electricity, and generates less waste. Our technology produces Mo-99 that is proven to be compatible with the existing global supply chain.
SHINE’s isotope production facility will be capable of producing up to one-third of the global patient need and will primarily serve the U.S. market. SHINE will build its second facility in Europe and the work to identify a site for the European facility is well underway.

SHINE also has created SHINE Therapeutics, a new division that enhances the company’s ability to focus on filling critical future needs in the rapidly growing therapeutic isotope market. The Therapeutics Division will focus initially on the development and commercialization of lutetium-177 (Lu-177), a therapeutic isotope that is combined with a disease-specific targeting molecule to treat cancer.