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The Government Relations Council

The Government Relations Council charts the organization's course on all legislative matters.

What is the GRC?
FJI's Government Relations Council is a group of Forward Janesville members who chart the organization's course on all legislative matters. The GRC (and eventually the FJI Board of Directors) must approve each legislative position the organization takes. Additionally, the council drafts and approves The Roadmap to Rock County's Future, FJI's state legislative agenda; aids in planning Rock County Day in Madison and the organization's annual trip to Washington, DC; and helps produce FJI's federal legislative agenda.

How does this benefit me and my business?
Each and every one of us must operate within Wisconsin's business, tax and regulatory climates. The GRC and Forward Janesville staff strive to make our business climate friendlier through the advancement of a pro-business agenda at City Hall, at the Rock County Courthouse, at the Wisconsin State Capitol, and in Washington, DC. The issues the GRC considers run the gamut from transportation to health care and everything in between.

Who should join?
Forward Janesville Members with an interest in government and a desire to learn more about it should consider joining the Government Relations Council. This is a great committee for those looking to make a difference in the organization and its future.

When does the group meet?
The GRC holds monthly meetings (which take place on the third Tuesday of each month at 12pm), and occasionally takes on various tasks and projects between meetings. The nature of our work is often progressive in that we track issues for months - sometimes years - at a time. Therefore, we suggest that members attend meetings regularly to stay up to speed.

How can I join the Council?
Interested Forward Janesville members should complete a GRC membership application and submit it to Dan Cunningham. The Council will consider any completed applications at the next regular GRC meeting. An affirmative vote of two-thirds vote of council members is required for admission to the council.

Contact Dan Cunningham at 608.757.3160.

Chair: Dave Holterman; First Community Bank of Milton

Steve Chesebro; Consigny Law Firm, S.C.
David Cullen; JP Cullen & Sons, Inc.
Robb Evans; Murphy Desmond, SC
David Farrell; N1 Critical Services
Seth Frisbee; TRICOR Insurance
Steven Genin; Angus-Young Associates, Inc
Rich Gruber; Retired, Janesville City Council
Clay Hammes; Blain's Supply
Patty Hernandez; School District of Janesville
Anna Hughes-Papich; Aptiv
Jennifer Johns; Mercy Health System
Sean Knott; Robert W. Baird & Company
Jennie Krajeck; Lamar Outdoor Advertising
Mark Lorenz; Johnson Bank
Liz Menz; Premier Bank
Todd Needham; RH Batterman
Curt Parish; Interim President, FJI
Rick Richard; R&D Worldwide, Inc.
Dave Riemer; Harris ACE Hardware
Will Sutherland; Three Pillars Wealth Management
Mark Warren; American Awards & Promotions, LLC
Phil Whitehead; Blackhawk Bank