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The Interstate 39/90 Expansion Project

Forward Janesville is leading the charge to complete this vital project, and are the founders of the Interstate 39/90 NOW Coalition.

Forward Janesville led the formation of the Interstate 39/90 NOW Coalition, a group of lawmakers, community and business leaders, and concerned citizens who support the expansion of Interstate 39/90 to six lanes from the Wisconsin state line to Madison. The Coalition's website went live on February 8, 2010:

Hundreds from across the Stateline joined the group, which helped advance this vital infrastructure project to the finish line. Here is a copy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel from October 20, 2010, the day after the state Transportation Projects Commission enumerated the I-39/90 Expansion Project.

The I-39/90 Expansion Project is now well underway with a scheduled completion date of 2022. Learn more about this vital project!