Member Testimonials

"Communities thrive when current businesses are booming and there's a push to draw new business into the community. FJI plays a key role in meeting the needs of our current employers while attracting new employers to the area. They are on the front lines when key issues arise and they lobby for what's best for Rock County's business community. Data Dimensions is a strong supporter of FJI and values it's importance in the community."

- Sandy Bennet, Corporate Trainer, Data Dimensions

"I truly believe that the support, services and resources provided by Forward Janesville have and will continue to make a substantial impact on the success and growth of our company. They are a vital resource in helping local, regional and national companies determine our community's viability. We have relied on their expertise many times and I am confident in Forward Janesville's ability to provide timely, accurate information."

- Dave Riemer, Owner, Harris Ace Hardware

"Through win-win business relationships, we have generated new revenues, reduced expenses, increased our community awareness and been a part of our ever-changing business community. We've leveraged our FJI Ambassadors to bring more value to our membership, we've benefited by learning about new business and government initiatives that improve our community, and FJI events have provided us with the results we need."

- Jim McMullen, Development Director, KANDU Industries/Best Events

"After 67 years in business in Madison, it was a little nerve racking opening a store in a new market. Luckily, we found ourselves an enormous ally in Forward Janesville. Their dedicated staff provided us with local hometown nurturing. And with events like their ribbon cuttings and "Business After Five" they give their members important access to leaders in the community. Forward Janesville is a top-notch organization which plays an important role in establishing foundations for business success in the Rock County market."

- Ed Root, Co-Owner of Brothers Main Appliance & TV