According to the Rock County website, "the Office of the County Clerk provides three major services for the people of Rock County: election administration, legislative support & administrative services, and licensing.

The County Clerk is responsible for programming elections, preparing ballots, tabulating election results and ensuring the accuracy of all countywide elections.  Each year, the County Clerk compiles the Rock County Directory listing county, city, village and town officials along with legislative and congressional officers.

The County Clerk is clerk to the County Board and responsible for posting agendas, keeping minutes, holding county records and contracts for the Board of Supervisors, and publishing legal notices.

The office issues marriage and work permits, and is an agent to accept passport applications for the U.S. Department of State. The County Clerk is an agent for the DMV to assist with title processing and license plate stickers. The County Clerk also works by statute on dog licensing, delivering oaths of office to county officials, apportioning taxes and intent to cut timber notices."

The current County Clerk is Lisa Tollefson, who was appointed by the Rock County Board of Supervisors in June 2015.  She will face Janesville City Council President Sam Liebert on August 9.  Since there are no Republican candidates, the August 9 primary will decide the race.  Click here for more information about the race.

Democratic Candidates
Sam Liebert
Lisa Tollefson (Incumbent)