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Position Statements

Forward Janesville's official position on critical issues

Forward Janesville Opposes City Transportation Utility Proposal

February 22, 2021:  Forward Janesville VP of Government Relations and Education Dan Cunningham gavce the follwowing statemet to the Janesville City Council: 

"On behalf of Forward Janesville’s nearly 500 member companies and the thousands they employ, I am writing with extreme concern about the city’s transportation utility proposal.  

"Since the city council asked for business community input, we have spoken with dozens of our members, from sole proprietorships to the largest companies in Janesville. The concern about this proposal has been passionate and unanimous. We have yet to find a business in Janesville that supports the transportation utility proposal under consideration.     

"Janesville businesses, who are still recovering from a historic pandemic and recession, feel this is the wrong time to enact this proposal. Given the scarcity of transportation utilities in Wisconsin, establishment of this utility would put Janesville at an instant economic development disadvantage. 

"Forward Janesville has a strong history of supporting infrastructure investments and we agree that the street program’s increasing reliance on borrowing is not sustainable. But we must find a solution that does not jeopardize our prosperity and progress.

"We urge you to pause this effort tonight and convene a panel of business and community leaders to find a way forward that all can agree on."

Forward Janesville Endorses 2020 School District & BTC Referendums

October 6, 2020: Forward Janesville has announced its endorsement of the School District of Janesville's 2020 Capital and Operational Referendums, and the Blackhawk Technical College Public Safety and Transportation Center Referendum.

Click here to read our endorsement of the SDOJ Capital Referendum.

Click here to read our SDOJ Operational Referendum endorsement memo.  This memorandum examines several topics, including how public schools are funded in Wisconsin; the School District of Janesville’s financial situation and the challenges faced by the district and the community; and our position on the district’s 2020 operational referendum.  It is intended to give our members a 360-degree look at the education finance landscape so they can make an informed decision at the polls on November 3. 

Click here to read our endorsement of the BTC Public Safety and Transportation Center Referendum.

Forward Janesville Releases Minimum Wage Research

August 6, 2020: In response to the Rock County Board of Supervisors consideration and passage of resolution in support of a bill to raise Wisconsin’s minimum wage to $15 per hour, Forward Janesville released a memo on the minimum wage issue.